Employee feels like pay cut is "slap in the face" .

I'm having a bit of an issue at my work. I told my boss and the owners of the restaurant about a month ago about my big...

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H.E.A.R.T.™ - Honesty, Empathy, Adaptability, Responsibility, and Teamwork is Roze's unique philosophy for the workplace. Her workplace advice column, Workplace Woes - Roze Knows®, and consulting services are grounded in this philosophy. Roze asserts that managers and employees, who incorporate her H.E.A.R.T.™ philosophy in their daily activities, work together as a cohesive unit; they treat each other and those associated with their work with respect. Roze explains that even though it is obvious why these five elements are essential to an effective workplace, they are often overlooked, ignored, or forgotten simply because individuals are occupied in making a deadline, getting that promotion, following a lead, attaining those sales goals, or just catching up on paperwork.

Why H.E.A.R.T.™? Roze's work philosophy is based on a significant experience she had over 23 years ago. Roze describes this event in her own words:

“In 1982, I took a 23-day survival course in the West San Juans of the Colorado Rockies. On the seventh day of the course, I was asked to share my ‘life symbol’ with my fellow trekkers, and if I did not have one, I was supposed to come up with one. So, at that particular point in time, at the ripe age of 22, I did not have a ‘life symbol.’ After much introspection, I decided that my ‘life symbol’ would be a heart with two hands.

The very next day, I had to climb up a very steep, rocky mountain with a picturesque waterfall cascading next to it. However, with seventy pounds of gear on my back and a preoccupation with what my next meal was going to be, my focus was only on making it up the mountain. I was not thinking about the meaning of my new ‘life symbol’ or the beauty of God's nature surrounding me. Due to the steep incline of the terrain and the heavy weight on my back, my face was just inches from the ground as I made my trek to the top. Well, while making this trek, a rock perfectly formed in the shape of a heart came into my view. It absolutely blew me away given the decision I had just made the day before. I knew right then and there, and I have never wavered, that God was telling me that I had chosen the appropriate ‘life symbol’ for me. Since this incredible find and experience, I have always conducted myself with the belief that besides using my head, it is not only smart but right for me to have my heart involved in all facets of my life. Hence, the foundation of my philosophy for an effective workplace is grounded in H.E.A.R.T.™ - Honesty, Empathy, Adaptability, Responsibility, and Teamwork.”